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December 2014 Newsletter

Shop Local, GIVE Local

Here in America, and especially in the nation’s wealthiest state — that’s right, New Jersey was recently ranked the #1 wealthiest state in the nation by Forbes magazine — we’re particularly blessed with abundance and with that abundance comes great responsibility and the potential for great generosity.

In the United States giving to charitable organizations totaled $335.2B in 2013 and the vast majority of these donations were made by individuals like you and me. We are indeed generous. But where do we give? There are so many international and national crises that capture our attention, as well as the media’s. How can we focus on giving locally and why should we?

Charity Begins at Home
When we give locally, we know where our money is going. It’s going to meet the needs in our own communities. Typically, local not-for-profits also have smaller administrative staffs and...

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