Relocate to Hudson County

Whether you’re starting a new business, moving an existing business from another state, or already operating a business in Hudson County, you will need to be aware of the various New Jersey registration and licensing requirements applicable to your business. This includes registering with the appropriate State regulatory authorities, contacting the New Jersey Division of Taxation, and applying for any required licenses.
The good news is New Jersey provides a number of online tools to help entrepreneurs navigate the various agencies.  See our guide to these resources below.
Get your business started with The State of New Jersey Business Portal, the State’s One-Stop Shop for Business, where you will find:
Register a business with the NJ Division of Taxation:
Visit the Department of Labor & Workforce Development to:

Visit the NJ Economic Development Authority to:
Other Resources for Business Start-ups and Employers:
Interested in moving to New Jersey? Consider these resources:

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