Government Affairs
The Hudson County Chamber of Commerce is committed to working closely with policy makers at the municipal, state and federal levels to enhance the economic vitality of Hudson County and position the region as a center for business development, commerce, culture and innovation. Our Government Affairs programming encompasses the following:

Issue Advocacy

The Chamber pro-actively advocates for policies that promote economic growth, job creation, investments in our local businesses and infrastructure development by focusing on the following:
  • Economic Growth: The Chamber will advocate for smart incentive programs and quality of life issues that ensure sustainable business development; as well as policies and initiatives that create best practices with regard to public and private sector procurement programs in support of locally owned businesses.
  • Job Creation:  The Chamber will support initiatives and innovative programs that create high quality jobs in growth sectors of the economy, provide for strategic workforce development and enhance the County’s entrepreneurial climate. 
  • Infrastructure:  The Chamber will support public and private initiatives that invest in the County’s infrastructure in areas such as: transportation, energy, healthcare, water management, communications, education, and recreation, as well as cultural institutions. The Chamber’s goal is to ensure policy makers take a long-term view of investments in the region’s infrastructure.
  • Competitiveness:  The Chamber will advocate at all levels of government for tax and regulatory policies that support the County’s competitiveness in the region and globally as an attractive place to do business.


We actively invite policy makers at the federal, state and local level to meet with our members. Please see our Calendar of Events  for upcoming events.

Grassroots Network

We invite our Members to join our Grassroots Network. Our Grassroots Network amplifies the Chamber’s advocacy. Grassroots network members are asked to reach out to legislators on issues of importance and are invited to special events with legislators. To join send an email to Please note you must be a Member of the Chamber to join our Grassroots Network.

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