Non-Profit Council

The not-for-profit sector is a critical sector of our national and local economy.  In 2012, public charities reported over $1.65 trillion in total revenues and $1.57 trillion in total expenses. (Source: Nation Center for Charitable Statistics).  In New Jersey, there were more than 40,000 non-profit organizations as of 2013, according to the NCCS. These non-profits employ about 7% of the State’s workers.  The vast majority of these non-profits are charitable organizations.

Here in Hudson County there are more than 2,500 non-profits.  We recognize the critical impact these Members make on our local economy, in terms of both the goods and services they consume, but also produce and provide back to the local economy and those they serve.

GIVE Local

That’s why we encourage all of our Members and the larger Hudson County Community to GIVE Local. When we give locally, we know where our money is going.  Typically, local not-for-profits also have smaller administrative staffs and your donation can go further.  If you prefer to give to “pillar” organizations—orgs that are considered anchors—never fear.  These too, can be found locally.

There are many ways to learn about charitable needs in Hudson County.  You can start with our Member Directory by searching for “Non-Profit” to source a list of local charities. Nearly 15% of our Members are not-for-profit organizations providing a range of services—from healthcare to education, social services to workforce development.

Non-Profit Council

Our goal is to help our non-profit Members raise their visibility and learn good practices from each other.  All non-profit members enjoy a 10% discount on their annual membership dues.  We occasionally convene our non-profit Members for special networking and educational events that are hosted by our Non-Profit Council. To get involved, see our Events Calendar to attend an upcoming Non-Profit Council event or ask to be added to our email list.


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