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  • Phishing Awareness Training Turns User Liabilities into Assets

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    May 31, 2022
    A NYC area cyber security consultant, HCCC Member, and managed services provider (MSP) urges organizations to implement phishing awareness training in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first relates how a successful phishing attack depends on humans taking the bait.
    The author then outlines the information that users need to know about phishing, including signs of an attack and what to do when an attack is spotted. He urges training at all levels of the organization using multiple channels and repetition to cement learning. He concludes by suggesting that trainers keep it simple and use phishing simulations to let users practice what they learn.
    “Because attackers imitate trusted sources, they can appear quite convincing,” stated Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. “But when users know what to look for, they can stop attackers in their tracks.”
    Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Phishing Awareness Training Turns User Liabilities into Assets.”
    “A successful phishing attack depends on humans taking the bait. And because attackers imitate trusted sources, they can appear quite convincing. For instance, using information easily obtained online, an attacker can pose as a trusted source with inside information. But when users know what to look for, they can stop attackers in their tracks.”
    Phishing Awareness as Part of Security Awareness
    “Phishing involves using fraudulent emails or websites to trick users into acting in a certain way. This could involve clicking a malicious link, wiring funds or giving up privileged information. Hackers often strengthen their attack using spoofed email addresses and realistic-looking websites.”
    “Teach users to recognize telltale signs of a phishing attempt. These can include a sense of urgency, slight errors in the sender email address or URL, poor grammar or spelling and unsolicited attachments.”
    Bring It Home with Phishing Simulations
    “Once users learn about the dangers and signs of a phishing attack, they need a chance to practice what they have learned. Simulated phishing campaigns provide that opportunity in a controlled environment. When users click on an attachment or link in a simulated phishing email, they receive just-in-time training.”
    Deliver Enterprise-Level Phishing Awareness Training with MXINSPECT
    To help organizations get the most out of their training, eMazzanti Technologies offers targeted security awareness training. MXINSPECT uses a people-centric approach designed to change employee behavior, reducing the chance of breaches. Targeted, just-in-time training and phishing simulations teach users how to recognize and respond to phishing attacks.
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