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Hudson County is one of the most diverse counties in the United States as well as an economic driver in New Jersey.  As such, pursuing a strategy of diversity and inclusion will grow the Chamber’s Membership and provide us with new revenue sources and opportunities to help our members grow and better connect to economic opportunities. Central to our mission is a determination to support a prosperous and sustainable local economy inclusive of all. This is critical to supporting the unique needs and developing the varied talents of all the communities within Hudson County and the region’s diverse workforce. In a global economy, a focus on diversity and diverse markets accelerates economic growth and this Chamber is in a strong position to leverage local relationships to produce similar results.

Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting and advancing racial equity and gender equality and to increasing the diversity represented at every level of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. Our commitment to advocating for a sustainable and prosperous local economy—inclusive of all—is central to our mission for the following reasons:

For the Chamber

We strive to be the premiere resource for business in Hudson County. To achieve this goal, we must have people on staff and in leadership positions who best represent our county. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by looking across the full spectrum of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, legal residency status, disability status, qualified veteran status, marital status, and LGBTQ+ identification.

For Our Members

We strive to promote a win-win culture with and for all our Members. To achieve this goal, all Members must feel that they are operating in an inclusive, welcoming environment supportive of cultural differences, and encourages input from all perspectives. We must lead by example as an organization and provide opportunities for our Members to learn about why diversity, equity and inclusion are good for business.

For Hudson County

We strive to support the historically rich diversity of Hudson County. Not only does diversity make for a better community, but access to economic opportunities for all leads to broader and deeper innovation, job creation and wealth-building. To achieve this goal, we must advocate for public policies that support a local economy that is inclusive, diverse and has equitable access.

Affinity Networks

Affinity networks enable the Chamber to convene all sectors and segments of our membership to advance the economic prosperity of the region’s diverse population while learning how to better serve and incorporate those groups within the Chamber’s structure. This model also supports our DEI strategy and commitment. Affinity networks produce events and programs, offer educational programs, create networking events, host conferences, and provide opportunities for volunteering and leading. As of 2022, we have developed and supported the following affinity networks:

  • Anchor Industry CEO Roundtable
  • Nonprofit Network
  • Small Business Network
  • Women of Commerce
  • Young Professionals

Adopted September 14, 2022

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