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Our mission

The mission of the Hudson County Chamber Foundation is to support the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and to assist with building capacity for established small- and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations in the region. A 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, it was established in 2017 to assist the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce in advancing its mission through programming and philanthropy.

Hudson Gives: Our Annual Community Giving Day

#HudsonGives is Hudson County, New Jersey's annual 24-hour, online giving day benefiting nonprofit members of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. Using, this virtual giving platform amplifies the messaging, visibility and fundraising capacity of our nonprofit sector.

#HudsonGives helps solve critical needs in our community. Started in 2017, this annual giving day provides nonprofit organizations with unrestricted giving and access to new donors. It provides new and returning donors the opportunity to support important charities across a range of topics. It offers corporate and individual sponsors to participate strategically in our great County. Everyone plays a vital role in improving our community’s quality of life. It is never too late to give! If you missed the date, please feel free to reach out to any of our nonprofit members directly to share your support.

#HudsonGives 2023 was the best ever, exceeding its giving day goals and raising over $805,000 from 3,909 donors for the local nonprofit community. "We are so proud that Hudson County stepped up at a time when many giving days are experiencing declines," said Emory Edwards, president of the Hudson County Chamber Foundation. "Economic uncertainty threatens the most vulnerable among us, and we are so grateful for the profound generosity of our community. Over the course of five years, including this year’s total, #HudsonGives has raised nearly $2.7 million and attracted over 15,000 donors in support of our nonprofit members.”

Hudson Gives provides new and returning donors the opportunity to strategically support our county’s charities, including those that combat hunger, homelessness and poverty; support healthcare, mentoring, arts and education; and protect animals and nature. For more information, please reach out to or call 201-386-0699 or want to participate in #HudsonGives 2024 set for Thursday, May 9, 2024. We greatly appreciate your help.

Love Your Local Restaurant Relief Fund

The economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many sectors of our communities hard. Among those hit the hardest are locally owned restaurants and eateries. Eating out was among the first of many economic activities severely impacted.

We all have stories to tell and memories to cherish about our favorite restaurants. 

Whether it was a family celebration, a wedding proposal, a baby shower, your most important client lunch or dinner ever, a first date, or simply your safe space to unwind with good food and drink, we all have a story to tell, a memory to cherish when it comes to our favorite restaurant and eateries. Funds raised through this campaign will support microgrants to locally owned restaurants and eateries in Hudson County costs imposed by COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Board of Directors

  • President Emory Edwards of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Vice President and Secretary Ruddys Andrade, Executive Director of the Guttenberg Housing Authority
To learn more about the Hudson County Chamber Foundation, email us at
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