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  • Build Your Enterprise, Serve Our Community

    The Hudson County Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of networks and programs that help grow the region’s economy and provide invaluable resources for local businesses and nonprofits. Chamber groups bring like-minded members together to meet common needs and address particular areas of interest such as networking, best practices, growing small businesses and serving the community. Chamber programs are designed to be both networking and educational opportunities to support B2B Opportunities, visibility and advocacy. Please see below and check out our Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities to join us.

    Chamber Ambassadors 

    Our Chamber Ambassadors are a group of dedicated members who are passionate about the Hudson Chamber and are committed to our work to connect, empower and advocate by serving its members.  They volunteer their time with us to engage new Members who join our growing community. Learn more.

    New Member Orientations

    Our regular orientation programming is designed to help our newest members become acquainted with the Chamber staff, learn about the benefits of membership and meet other new members and Chamber Ambassadors. 

    Hoboken ELC Breakfast Roundtable

    The Hoboken Chamber of Commerce hosts quarterly ELC Breakfast Roundtable events, typically on the second Wednesdays of January, April, June and October, inviting a local public or elected official or guest speaker from industry or commerce to discuss a policy issue or project and its impact on Hoboken. Past events have focused on the redesign of Washington Street, the Rebuild by Design Project in Hoboken, and proposed development projects. All Members are welcome to attend, get informed and engage in discussion. Please see the Hoboken Chamber Events Calendar for the next Hoboken Breakfast Roundtable event.

  • Small Business Network

    The Breakfast Club

    Our Small Business Network hosts The Breakfast Club, its monthly networking and referral meetings for small businesses and those seeking to do business with them. If you've been wanting a venue to grow your referral network and your business, The Breakfast Club is for you!

    Breakfast Club meetings are open to Chamber members only.  Meetings provide Members the opportunity to pitch their business, help each other to make referrals, and hear from guest speakers with preference given to Chamber members. Please see our Events Calendar for the next Breakfast Club Meeting near you!

  • Nonprofit Network

    The nonprofit sector is critical to our national and local economies.  In 2013, public charities reported over $1.73 trillion in total revenues and $1.62 trillion in total expenses, according to the  Nation Center for Charitable Statistics.  In New Jersey, there were more than 40,000 non-profit organizations as of 2013, according to the NCCS, employing about 7% of the State’s workers.  The vast majority of these nonprofits were charitable organizations.  

    Hudson County is home to more than 2,500 non-profits. We recognize the critical impact these Members make on our local economy, in terms of both the goods and services they consume, but also provide back to the local economy and those they serve. Every month, the Nonprofit Network hosts a Zoom Lunch and Learn organized around a topic of interest designed to engender mutual support, capacity building and share best practices. Every May, the Nonprofit Network produces #HudsonGives, our annual virtual giving day. In July, it hosts a special in-person Nonprofit Network Reception welcoming a special guest speaker discussing sector trends. To get involved, see our Events Calendar to attend an upcoming Nonprofit Network event or ask to be added to our email list.

  • Women of Commerce 

    According to the annual State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, commissioned by American Express, in 2019, American women started an average of 1,817 new businesses per day between 2018 and 2019, down only slightly from the record-setting 2018 number of 1,821. These businesses represent 42% of all American businesses—nearly 13 million—employing 9.4 million workers and generating revenues of $1.9 trillion.

    Also, over the five-year time period from 2014 - 2019, there has been huge growth in the number of women who are operating side gigs or hustles. The Amex report calls these women “sidepreneurs” and says they’ve grown at a rate that is nearly twice as fast as the overall growth in female entrepreneurship: 39% compared to 21%, respectively. Much of that growth comes from minority women, where "sidepreneurship" is two times higher than all businesses: 65% compared to 32%, respectively. In fact, while the number of women-owned businesses grew 21% from 2014 to 2019, firms owned by women of color grew 43% and African American women-owned firms grew even faster at 50%.

    Women-owned businesses are vital to our local economy in Hudson County, where women-owned firms make up 37% of all firms within the County, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It's why we launched our Women of Commerce Council in 2020 to provide educational programs, leadership and mentoring opportunities to women, whether they are entrepreneurs or sidepreneurs, seasoned or just starting out.  To learn more about Women of Commerce and how to get involved, please email info@hudsoncounty.org

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