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  • The Women of Commerce is a Council of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce led by volunteer leaders within the Chamber's membership.

    Our Vision: To increase the earning potential for Women of Commerce, through Empowerment, Education, and Elevation. 

    Our Mission: To be an inclusive cohort of professional women whose mission is to develop a generation of diverse women who will give back to their communities and empower others to be leaders. 

    Our Values:

    • Women who stand with, and for, one another
    • Setting the example for future female leaders to come
    • Cultivating and fostering an inclusive environment of transparency, trust, and advocacy

    Number of Events Planned for 2022: 12 
    Total Number of Events Attendees Goal: 500 - 750 
    Number of Programs for 2022:
    Event Dates - Please Note some dates/venues are TBD. To register for an event, please click here to visit the Chamber's Event Calendar:

    • February 9th  - Linner with WOC – Galentine's Day Celebration
    • February 24th – Headshot sponsored by Marie Pap Photography
    • March -Linner with WOC: Entrepreneurs
    • April, 26th  – Golf Clinic @ Galloping Hill
    • May 5th – More than A Fiesta
    • June – Linner with WOC: Business in Heels - Leadership
    • July – Summer Kick-Off outdoor or Rooftop Party: Marketplace…
    • August – Women’s Equality Conference: Women’s Representing
    • September – Linner with WOC, Date TBD
    • October – Women of Commerce Tea Party Awards, Date TBD
    • November – Mentoring Ceremony, Date TBD
    • December – Give Back to the Community Program & New Ambassadress Welcome, Date TBD

    Programs: Women of Commerce programs create inclusive opportunities for women of diverse business backgrounds through marketing, mentoring, education, and community visibility. 

    Adoptee Business of the Year: 
    As a member of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce, women-owned businesses are invited to participate as an adoptee Women of Commerce business for the year. This program supports increasing their network and visibility in the community by exposing them to businesses in Hudson County. Interested women business owners can participate by submitting applications online. The program runs for 12-months. The Women of Commerce executive board members and Ambassadresses will vote to select the final winner. 

    Give Back to the Community:  
    The Women of Commerce is compromised to give back to the community annually by partnering with diverse non-profits organizations on topics related to women and children. 

    Mentoring Program: Leading Present & Forward
    Our mentoring program, to be launched in 2022, is designed to elevate women entrepreneurs and business professionals to their highest potential, connecting them to business leaders in the community that will encourage and support them in accelerating their companies' growth, enhancing their brand, and pursuing their business dream.  Ambassadresses are invited to participate as mentors, mentees, or providing workshops. 

    Podcast: Empowering Women of Commerce 
    Tune in to our podcast, as we interview diverse women of commerce to inspire others through their business journey experience. 12-women will be selected and interviewed by one of the women of commerce executive members and Ambassadresses. Podcasts will be released every month on various platforms including YouTube.  

    Annual Events

    Annual Women’s Equality Conference
    The goal of our Annual Women's Equality Conference is to provide an opportunity for our members and the community to learn about women of commerce challenges, ongoing legislation to support them, and programs that aim to foster women-owned businesses and create an equal environment while we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, which commemorates the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

    Linners – Networking Events
    It's not lunch or dinner, it's linner. Our linner events combine business networking opportunities with educational presentations. Ambassadresses will assist in planning, facilitating, and suggesting speakers.
    Fundraising Committee
    Work in hand with Co-chairs to raise funds and meet financial goals to fund our programs and events.
    Hospitality Committee
    Assist in following on with events attendees as well as welcoming them at the events.